BS Method

In Maderotherapy Holland, we have designed our own working method, after many tests, checks with models (which I would like to thank), application of different techniques, we have obtained what we call the “BS METHOD”.

Based on the principle of Maderotherapy where it is defined as a “NON INVASIVE” method for Maderotherapy Holland the most important thing is to take care of the patient’s body and how we achieve this.

I always explain in my trainings that a good maderotherapist must know how to interpret the reaction of the human body to any stimulus, well, that is the basis of our method in applying the wooden tools according to the reactions of each body.

As we all know that all bodies are different, therefore we cannot mechanically apply the wooden utensil to one body or another.

Maderotherapy can be applied by the clock method or by physical stimuli. I will tell you the difference between a method that in my opinion is inadequate and produces bruises on the body, which is what I call the “clock” method. This method is based on working by time, that is to say we apply the wooden tool to everyone for the same amount of time, which means that we do not respect the time that each body needs to react.


I have 2 people on a stretcher, one of them is a person who drinks water, eats correctly, exercises, i.e. they meet all the requirements for their lymphatic system to start working when I apply the roller to their body (estimated drainage time 20 seconds).

Person number 2 does not drink water, has a poor diet, does not do sport, which means that her lymphatic system will take twice or three times as long to drain as that of patient number 1. (drainage time 1 minute)

If I apply the grooved roller to both of them to drain for the same amount of time, it is possible that patient 1 will bruise, as her body does not need as much time to drain.

This is the method I call the “clock method”, this method is used when there is no previous knowledge of the human body, which I completely rule out.

With our “BS” method, depending on the patient’s response, we will apply a work protocol and a time with each person because “each body is different”.


“I am a maderotherapist by profession and by vocation”. 

Montse BS