Course in Amsterdam



Face and body WoodTherapy course in Amsterdam. The course will be carried out by one of our international trainers.



Numerous studies show that face-to-face training helps enormously to improve learning and therefore obtain better results.


The entire course is face-to-face, it will be taught in a Training Center adapted with all the means to enable the student to have a direct interaction with the teacher and the training elements that allow the acquisition and learning of all the contents and practices of the same.


It is a perfectly assimilable course for health, beauty and aesthetic professionals but not a requirement to be able to do it. All the treatments will be carried out by the teachers in a demonstrative way and in which the students will actively participate.



A theoretical part will be carried out for 2 hours and the remaining 6 will be dedicated to practice, the students will work together with the teacher in the exchange of treatments among the group of students, the demonstrations and the consequent practices will be made.


WoodTherapy Face and Body kit included


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